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  • Rajah Mahdi Released his First Music Video Feb 21st {click to view}

  • Rajah has gigged in Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey in venues including The Rusty Nail, The His and Hers Lounge, and The Volume Entertainment Cafe.

  • Rajah was  featured as the Artist of the Month for January 2020 for JamSphere's Print and Digital Monthly Magazine  {Click to view Article}

Who is Rajah Mahdi

Rajah Mahdi Byrd is a Recording Artist from Glassboro, NJ. He values being himself and embodying that value into his art. When he was born he was two months premature, this unfortunately played a role in his receiving brain damage during delivery resulting in cerebral palsy. Despite this bad turn of events he still managed to live a normal and social life growing up and this experience inspires him to continue to try on with music until this very day. In 2010 Rajah started recording music as a means to express his opinion on social situations and issues. Recording tracks became a frequent hobby and in 2013 he decided to start taking it more serious then he had before. Rajah's goal is to create a solid platform with his music and to eventually spark social reform with the values and ideals he potrays in his art. He loves music and all the processes involved with music. He has also been Engineering, Mixing, and Mastering since 2010. He enjoys working with media programs such as Photoshop or Final Cut Pro in his mean time.

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